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Book a COVID-19 test appointment in Whitehorse

Book a medical assessment and COVID-19 test appointment

If 1 person in a family or group requires a combined medical assessment and COVID-19 test appointment, then all members of that family or group must be booked together for that appointment.

To book for more than 1 person at the same appointment, phone the COVID Testing and Assessment Centre at 867-393-3083.

For a medical assessment and test appointment, plan for 20 minutes for 1 person or 40 minutes for a family.

  1. You're required to self-isolate until your appointment. At that time you’ll receive more detailed information on self-isolation and how to get your test results.
  2. Please arrive on time for your appointment. Do not arrive early or late.
  3. Bring your health-care card.
  4. At your appointment time and when the entrance area is empty you should:
    • come into the entrance area;
    • remove your mask and put it in your pocket or in a waste basket;
    • sanitize your hands;
    • put on the medical mask we have for you; and
    • sanitize your hands again.

Please help anyone in your group do the same. Instructions will be posted on the wall. Once you’re ready, we’ll unlock the door and bring you in for your appointment.

Instructions for the mouth rinse and gargle testing option

Only children between 5 and 18 years old may take a mouth rinse and gargle test rather than having a nasal swab.

Before booking this type of test for a child, you must read and complete the COVID-19 mouth rinse and gargle test instructions.

These instructions include requirements that must be met before a child may be given a mouth rinse and gargle test. This includes:

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